60+ Awesome Nicknames for Alex — Find Nicknames (2023)

Have you been trying to come up with good nicknames for Alexandre, Alexandria, or any of the popular Alex name?

Let’s face it, coming up with good pet names can be challenging; it seems like such a straightforward task, but sometimes, it can be frustrating, especially, when you need a cute or creative nickname. Mean nicknames aren’t tricky; they flow like a busted pipe.

Nicknames come from various sources such as personality traits, physical appearances, hobbies, and many more. In this article, we have compiled all the best Alex nicknames we know. Fingers crossed; you will find the perfect pet name for your Alex in minutes.

But first, where does the unisex name Alex originate from?

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Alex is known to be a shortened version of the Greek name Alexander (or Aléxandros) which is interpreted as “Defender of the people,” “Defending men” or “Protector of men.”

The feminine form of the name (Alexandra) is known to be a title bestowed on the Greek goddess Her, which means “one who comes to save warriors.”

Famous people like Alexander III of Scotland, Alexander the Great, and many other great people named Alexandre also popularized the name.

Are you ready to dive in? Here’s our list of some of the best Alex nicknames on the internet:

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Table of Contents

Short Nicknames for Alexandre

60+ Awesome Nicknames for Alex — Find Nicknames (1)

Would you like a nickname that’s simple and brief? One that could easily fit on a customized piece of jewelry, on the front page of a diary, or as the perfect screen name online? Here are some short nicknames for Alexandre and other similar names:

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  • Al – Probably the short nickname for Alex.
  • Alex – A popular nickname for Alexandre, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alejandro, Alexandro, Alejandrin, Alexandrino, Alexa, Alexis, and other similar names.
  • Axx – A nickname culled from the first and last letter of the name Alex.
  • Lex – A short form of Alex.
  • Lexi – A short form of Alexandre
  • Xan – A pet-name from the full name Alexander.
  • Xander – A popular short nickname for Alexandre
  • Zane – A variation of Xan.

Cute Nicknames for Alex

If you’re into adorable pet names, we’ve got a collection of only the sweetest nicknames that would suit someone named Alex! Here are some of the best to choose from:

  • Alexey – A feminine European variant of the name Alex.
  • Ali-Belle – For a lovely lady that bears Alex.
  • Allie-Cat – For a flirtatious Alex.
  • Ally – For an adorable girl named Alex.
  • Ally-boo – For a cute looking baby.
  • Ally-Darlin’ – For a total darling.
  • Lexie – A cute variant to the nickname lex, for a female.
  • Lexie Lou – A popular feminine nickname for an adorable lady.

Funny Nicknames for Alex

Would you rather go for a nickname that’s witty and playful? Something for an Alex who understands humor and wouldn’t mind a silly nickname bestowed on them? Here’s our list to choose from:

  • ‘Ex – For an ex named Alex whose full name should never be mentioned again.
  • A-Legx – For an Alex with beautiful legs.
  • Ale-ien – For a weird and odd Alex, adapted from the word Alien.
  • Ale-oooops – For a clumsy or disorganized Alex.
  • Alexander The Weak – Derived from the name Alexander the great; so this version is for a lazy person.
  • Fed-Ex – For an Alex who is always busy and active, just as the courier service Fed- Ex.
  • Stupidex – For a slow, clumsy, or just downright silly fellow.
  • T-Rex – For a tall and scary-looking Alex, just like the Dinosaur T-Rex.

Cool Nicknames for Alex

Have you considered a cool nickname for your Alex? Here are some cool Alex nicknames:

  • ‘Ender – A shortened version of the name Alexander.
  • Alec – The Scottish variant of Alex.
  • Aleca – A feminine variation for the Scottish version of Alex.
  • Aleck – A Scottish variant of the name Alex.
  • Alessandro – An Italian variant for an Alex.
  • Alex-a – Perfect for one who’s got a robotic voice that reminds you of your favorite virtual assistant (Amazon’s Alexa.)
  • Alexandros – A masculine Greek variant for one who bears Alex.
  • Alexina – A Scottish/Spanish variant of the name.
  • Alissandre – An Italian version of the name for a female named Alex.
  • Alix – A feminine derivative of Alexandra.
  • Alyosha – A Russian variant of the name.
  • Alyx – A Greek nickname meaning “Helper” or “Defender.”
  • Alz – A smooth and unusual nickname for a guy named Alex.
  • Andy – A more different and less popular version for a nickname for the name Alex.
  • Dria – From the lengthier feminine version of the name (Alexandria.)
  • Eskandar – The Persian form of Alexander.
  • Lexman – For the coolest Alex in your life.
  • Sexy Lexy – For the most attractive Alex you’ve ever seen.
  • The Lion – Culled from the name of the Lion cartoon character, Alex, in the movie Madagascar. If he’s an Alpha male with a bold personality, he’s The Lion.

Creative Nicknames for Alex

If you prefer wordplay, puns, or creative pet names, you would love these creative Alex nicknames:

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  • ‘Lander – For a sports lover named Alexander.
  • A-Bell – A combination of Alexander and Bell, from the name of the renowned Scientist Alexander Graham Bell, for a lover of science.
  • Al-choo – Culled from the “word” used to represent the sound made when sneezing (ah-choo), for an Alex who’s always catching a cold.
  • Alex-Arlequin – For a lady named Alex who enjoys romance novels.
  • Alex-Flex – For a guy who is corny and playful Alex.
  • A-Licks – For an Alex with a charming personality.
  • Al-ligator – From the name of an extinct Dinosaur T-Rex.
  • Al-oha – Derived from the Hawaiian greeting.
  • Axe – For a tough guy named Alex.
  • Bro-Lex – A good nickname for a bro named Alex.
  • Fergie Time– A famous football reference credited to Alex Ferguson’s reign at Manchester United.
  • Ginger Ale-X – From the drink Ginger Ale, for a sweet and spicy girl.
  • Lexatron – Perfect for a Nicki Minaj fan named Alex, from the title of her June 2019 hit single, Megatron.
  • Lexicon – For a beautiful and bright dresser, who reminds you of a “unicorn” on most days.
  • Lex-Luther – For an Alex similar to the Antagonist character in the DC series Superman, played by Lex Luther. If he’s the coldest most hostile person ever, he’s a ‘Lex Luther.
  • Lexter – A short and brilliant chap named Alex that reminds you of Dexter from the Disney cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory.
  • Lexurious – For a luxurious and sophisticated lady named Alex.
  • Tough Guy – From the meaning of the name Alex (defender) suitable for a strong and “macho” male bearing Alex.
  • The Ale-mazing – For the most amazing Alex, you know.
  • The Great – Culled from the name bestowed on King Alexander III (known as Alexander the Great.)
  • Lex Luthor– Fictional DC character; a perfect nickname for a smart and cunning Alex.

Famous People Named Alex

Famous people are a good source of nicknames for their namesakes. Here are some famous people named Alex:

  • Alex Day (English Musician)
  • Alex Ferguson (Man United)
  • Alex Harvey (Scottish Rock Musician)
  • Alex King (German Basketballer)
  • Alex Kingston (English Actress)
  • Alex Morgan (Soccer Player)
  • Alexander Fleming (Penicillin)
  • Alexander Graham Bell (Telephone)
  • Alexander the Great
  • Alex Song (Cameroonian Footballer)

Fictional Characters Named Alex

  • Al (The Toy collector character in Toy Story 2)
  • Alex Murphy (From the classic American movie Robocop)
  • Alex Russo (From the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Places)
  • Alex Salter (A female character in Disney movie Beauty and The Beast)
  • Alex Santiago (A character from the American series Pretty Little Liars)
  • Alex The Lion (From Madagascar animated series)
  • Alex Vause (A character from the Netflix Original series Orange Is the New Black)

Do you know any other great nicknames for Alex that we missed? Something you’ve been called or maybe a nickname you’ve given an Alex in your life? Be a sport and share them with us in the comments section below!


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