Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (Explained) (2023)

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (Explained) (1)

Spotify is one of the top music apps that gives its users a premium listening experience.

You may have wondered if someone has ever looked at or listened to your Spotify playlist.

Here is a complete guide to help you understand if you can see who views your Spotify.

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify?

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (Explained) (2)

No, you can’t see who has viewed your Spotify profile.

You can go into your followers’ list and see the people that are following you.

You will know these people have looked at your profile, which is why they are following you.

For now, there is no feature available on Spotify where you can keep track of who views your profile.

That is because Spotify is not a social media or networking platform but rather a music streaming application for people to add their music and for listeners to follow them and listen to their music.

The application will never disclose such information because they are not a social media platform.

If they do, they will be in breach of the contractual terms of their developer agreement.

The platform doesn’t even allow a third-party application to help you check who has viewed your profile.

Does Spotify Notify When You Begin Following Someone?

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Spotify will not notify the person you just followed through the notifications.

In the same way, you will also not receive a notification when someone starts following you on Spotify.

Spotify is one of the top music apps that works by helping people subscribe to artists, creators, and more.

They will give you all the latest information about the artists you are following.

A person will have to go into their notifications to check if someone has started following them.

You can also follow someone using your email address, and they will not notify you through notifications or email.

The platform only shares information through email to keep your account safe against any unauthorized person or hacker.

Spotify’s primary aim is to protect your privacy on the platform and offer you security.

That is why they do everything they can to ensure that you are receiving the information you need.

If you haven’t gotten any notifications, you can go to your follower list to check who has started following you.

Will You Get A Notification When Someone Starts Following You On Spotify?

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (Explained) (4)

No, you will not get a notification when someone begins following you on Spotify.

That is because the platform will not bother you about your followers or the downloads of your playlists.

In the same way, if you follow or download a track of someone else or an artist, they will not receive a notification.

This is because the platform protects the privacy of everyone.

It will not give any notification if you are exploring someone’s playlist or downloading it.

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There are millions of subscribers on Spotify, and many of them are artists and creators.

These creators receive many followers and downloads in one day.

If Spotify offered them a notification for every action, they wouldn’t be able to focus on running their Spotify account.

That is why you will not receive notifications when someone starts following you or downloads your playlist.

Because of this, you can easily download the playlists of other people without them knowing.

They will only know if they visit your profile, and you have kept your playlists public.

There is no other way someone would know whether someone has downloaded their playlist.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Following Someone’s Playlist On Spotify Secretly

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Do you want to follow someone’s playlist secretly on Spotify?

If yes, there is a way you can do that.

All you have to do is become a ghost follower, and you can follow their playlist.

  1. Here are the steps to becoming a ghost follower on Spotify:
  2. Go to the action replay that interests you.
  3. Click on the three dots below.
  4. Select the Share option.
  5. You will receive options of sharing with other applications or mobile phones, or copying the link.
  6. Click on the link Copy Playlist.
  7. Paste the copied link in the search bar of Spotify.
  8. Press Enter, and it will open the playlist.
  9. As the playlist is playing, it will not disclose any information that you are following it.

That is how easy it is to secretly follow someone’s playlist on Spotify.

The platform will not disclose this information, and you can listen to your favorite beats.

Be sure to follow these steps to become a ghost follower of someone’s playlist.

Is There Any Way To See Who Is Viewing Your Profile On Spotify?

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (Explained) (6)

We already established that you can’t see if someone has viewed your profile on Spotify.

You might still be wondering if there is any other hack or way you can use to see who views your profile.

The answer is no; you can’t do that.

There are no third-party applications or hacks that you can use to see who has viewed your profile on Spotify.

That is because Spotify’s model doesn’t work like that.

If you want this feature on Spotify, you can add this suggestion to the chatbox on the app.

Who knows?

They might take your suggestion and add this feature.

However, as far as we know, Spotify will not be taking this action anytime soon.

The app doesn’t encourage you to look at someone’s profile, rather, listen to the music they have to offer.

That is the purpose of the app, as it allows you to compare playlists and find the tunes you like.

The platform is there to help you expand your musical horizons.

You can explore endless artists and playlists to get the most out of this app.

You need to use the app for its intended use if you want to have one of the best experiences on Spotify.

Can You See Who Is Listening To Your Spotify Playlist?

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (Explained) (7)

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No, you can’t see who is listening to your Spotify playlist.

This is not part of the Spotify app, and you will not get any views on the playlist.

It would be a great idea to reveal playlist listens, but Spotify doesn’t plan on releasing this feature anytime soon.

If there is any change in the current features, you will hear it from Spotify first.

That is why we recommend that you stop worrying about these features and enjoy what Spotify has to offer already.

There are endless podcasts, audio, music, and much more for you to explore and never get bored.

How Can You Look At Someone’s Spotify Wrapped?

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Spotify Wrapped came out last year, and everyone began posting this feature on their stories on other social media platforms.

That is why you might be wondering if you can look at the Spotify Wrapped of someone else.

After all, you might want to know what they have heard all year and you may want to add some of their likes to your music collection.

You can look at someone’s Spotify Wrapped if they have shared it with you on the platform or their Instagram story.

Apart from these ways, there is no other way to look at someone else’s Spotify Wrapped.

If you want to share your Spotify Wrapped with someone, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Open the Spotify application.
  2. Select Home.
  3. Click on the story of your Spotify Wrapped.
  4. Pass your first story card and select story sharing.
  5. Select a platform where you would like to share the story.
  6. These platforms include Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter, etc.
  7. Once you choose the platform, Spotify will share your Wrapped there.

These are the simple steps you can follow to share your Spotify Wrapped with someone.

They will see the songs and can add recommendations from your playlists to theirs.

Can You See Someone Else’s Spotify Wrapped?

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (Explained) (9)

Yes, you can look at the Spotify Wrapped of other people.

They need to invite you to see their Wrapped story.

The other person can do this through their Instagram link.

The only way you can’t see someone’s Spotify Wrapped is by going on their Spotify profile.

Spotify doesn’t make this information available to everyone, as it is only for the profile user.

You will need the link to someone’s Spotify Wrapped to view it.

All you have to do is ask the person for the link.

Once they share the link, you can access their Spotify Wrapped for the year.

It is that simple to access someone’s Spotify Wrapped.

Can I Check Who Has Liked My Playlist On Spotify?

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You can easily make a public playlist on Spotify.

Other users can follow that playlist or even like it.

They don’t even need to follow you to explore the playlist and like it.

If you have many likes on your playlist, you might be wondering who liked it.

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There is no way to find out who has liked your playlist on Spotify.

The option to see likes was available until 2013, but the platform has now removed this feature.

You can only see the like count of your Spotify playlist now.

Even if you tap on the like count, nothing will happen.

Spotify has not said anything about bringing this feature back, which is why we believe that it will not be happening anytime soon.

You can see the number of likes on your playlist under its title.

There is no other way to check who has liked your playlist on Spotify.

The platform doesn’t allow for third-party apps to work with it and offer you such features.

Whether you use an Android, iPhone, desktop, or Mac, no place will offer you the option to see who has liked your playlist.

That is why it is futile trying to find out, and you should not waste your time.

How Can You Share Spotify Playlist With Other People?

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (Explained) (11)

One of the best things you can do on Spotify is to share your playlist with other people.

Music is an important part of everyone’s lives, and sharing it creates more happiness too.

You share your playlist with these guidelines:

  1. Open the Spotify application.
  2. Click on the playlist you want to share.
  3. Click on the three dots.
  4. Open the menu.

The menu will give different options, depending on what device you are using.

1. On The Mobile App

If you are using Spotify on the mobile app and have opened the menu of the playlist, you can choose from a few options.

The first option you have is to share a Spotify code that one can scan.

To utilize this option:

  1. Tap the image on the menu’s top.
  2. Tap the Spotify Code and save to photos to save the image.
  3. You can also screenshot the code.
  4. Send the image to the person you want to share your playlist with.
  5. They can use their phone to scan the code and access the playlist.

Another way to share your playlist is by sharing a link.

All you have to do is select the share option from the menu.

Doing this will open a new window.

You can copy the link and paste it to send it to the recipient on any platform you like.

Finally, the last way on the mobile app is to share it with another app.

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Select Share from the menu.
  2. Select the app you want to share the playlist to. Options include Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  3. Give Spotify permission to open the app.
  4. Once you do, it will create the message that will contain the playlist link.
  5. Send it to the recipient.

These are all the ways in which you can share your Spotify playlist with other people through the mobile app.

2. On The Desktop

The easier way is to use a desktop, as you don’t have many options here.

The process is simple, and you can follow these steps to share your playlist with anyone in no time:

  1. Select Share from the menu.
  2. It will open a submenu.
  3. Click Copy link to the playlist.
  4. Paste the link wherever you like on the desktop and send.

If you are using Spotify on your desktop, sharing the link will be incredibly easy.

Once you do, people you have shared the link with can access your playlist without any issues.

How Can I Get More Followers And Views On Spotify?

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify? (Explained) (12)

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A very common question most artists ask is ways to increase their profile views and followers on Spotify.

Here are some top tips you can apply to get more views and followers:

1. Create And Promote Playlists

One of the best things you can do is create different playlists.

Each playlist can offer something unique to the listeners.

Once you have made several playlists, you can promote them on your social media.

To promote a playlist, you can simply share the link or songs from the playlist on your social media platforms.

Whoever is interested in new music will visit your playlist and might begin following it if they like your taste.

When you do this consistently, more people will start listening to your playlists and follow you.

2. Update Your Profile

Many people go through the profile before they start listening to playlists and music.

That is why you must update your profile.

If you are an artist, the first thing you must do is claim your Spotify for Artists profile.

It has endless features that will help you optimize your profile as fast as possible.

You can also optimize it by:

  • Adding links to social media handles
  • Creating your artist playlist
  • A bio that tells your story
  • Adding high-quality pictures of yourself

As a musician, you must take Spotify seriously and optimize your profile in these ways.

Think of the platform as the most important social profile for your music.

Once you think like this, Spotify will also treat you seriously, and you will get more followers and listeners within no time.

3. Submit Music To Spotify Playlists

Finally, you can submit your music to Spotify playlists.

For example, you can pitch your music to editor-created playlists on Spotify through your Spotify for Artists.

If you want them to consider it for the playlist, you must submit the track four weeks before its release.

You must lay the groundwork before you decide to submit any music for a Spotify playlist.

That includes creating an amazing profile and marketing your music in the best way possible.

Once you have done these things, Spotify may notice you and help you gain more visibility by adding your music to different playlists.


You can’t see your views or who liked counts your Spotify playlist.

This is because Spotify is a music streaming platform, and offering these features would breach their contract terms.

Don’t expect these features to come out anytime soon.

If something like this happens, Spotify will be the first one to announce it.

Till then, you can keep working on your profile and use organic ways to increase your following and listeners.

When you follow someone on Spotify or someone follows you on the platform, you do not get notified, nor does the person you follow.

This is because hundreds of people follow each other daily and if people got these notifications, they would be inundated with constant updates and won’t be able to work on their craft.

Spotify doesn’t function like a social media platform, so it doesn’t notify people.

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