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You can prefer to go to Gardermoen Airport, which is about 35 kilometers away from the city center, by bus and taxi as well as you can prefer transportation by railway, that is to say train. In addition, you can also prefer to drive your car or rent a car thanks to the parking area at the airport.


You can get to Gardermoen Airport in a short time from the city center by taxi that allows you to comfortably travel in smooth traffic in the city. Taxis you can get from every point of the city may be a little more costly for you; however, you can take the advantage of taking taxi because it is a fast alternative.


One of the alternatives you can prefer to reach Gardemoen Airport is the transportation by bus that is economical and easy. You can easily get to the airport by taking regular and express buses that you can take from many points in the city.


You can get on the trains, which allow you to reach Gardermoen Airport in 20 minutes, from the city center. Depending on where you are, you can choose the trains that allow you to travel between nearby cities as well as the trains that provide inter-regional transportation.

Rent a car

Renting a car may be the most comfortable option you can prefer to get to Gardermoen Airport. In addition to the cars you can rent with a driver, you can also rent a car without a driver and prefer to drive the car to reach the airport easily and comfortably.

Airport Information

Domestic and international flights are arranged at Gardermoen Airport, which is the busiest airport in Norway. Gardermoen Airport, which is a very important airport for Oslo, has a single terminal building. You can find almost anything you want at this airport, where you can meet all your needs before and after the flight.

There are a number of eating and drinking places and shopping stores in the airport, which has conference halls, taxi and car rental area and parking spaces as well as lost property office, internet and VIP services.

As for accommodation, there are many hotels that are close to the airport. Best Western Oslo Airport, Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport, Comfort Hotel Runway, Garder Kurs-og Konferansesenter and Gardermeon Airport Hotel are some of these hotels as well as many other hotels.

Travel Value, Fashion, Accessorize, Capi, Point Kiosk, Ark, Duty Free, Christiana Glassmagasin, Salmon House, Thune, Dataspesialisten, Narvesen and 7-Eleven are among the shopping stores where you can do shopping at the airport.

Caffe Ritazza, Monolitten Cafe,Seafood Bar, Sinnataggen, Upper Crust, Pizza Hut, O’learys, Franks, Parken, News Bar, Yo Sushi, Foofmarket, W.B Samson, Starbucks, Peppes Pizza, La Baguette and Beach Club Express are among the eating and drinking places at the airport.

You can get to Moss Rygge Airport from the city center by choosing from the options such as taxi, bus, train and car rental, as well as you can reach the airport by driving your car.


Taking a taxi is a quick and easy way to get to Moss Rygge Airport. You can reach the airport in a short time by a taxi that you can get from many points of the city. Depending on the traffic condition, you can take a taxi, which provides you with the fastest transportation option, from every part of the city.


You can easily arrive at Moss Rygge Airport by taking a bus from the city center. It is possible to find a bus, which is both economic and easy way of transportation, from many different points in the city center.


Another option to get to Moss Rygge Airport from the city center is the trains. You can easily reach the airport by trains departing from the Railway Station, which is about 30 minutes away from the airport, or by trains from the train station in the city.

Rent a car

Renting a car is possibly the most comfortable option you can prefer to get to Moss Rygge Airport. In addition to driving the car you have rented, you can also rent a car with a driver and go to the airport easily and comfortably.

Airport Information

Domestic and international flights are arranged at Moss Rygge Airport, which predominantly serves Oslo and the east of Norway. Located 60 kilometers away from the city center, Moss Rygge Airport is one of the important airports in the city and it connects the city to Europe and the world.

Moss Rygge Airport, which can be easily reached, stands out with the services it provides as well as the flights. You can meet your needs at Moss Rygge Airport, which offers a wide variety of services with lost property office, car rental offices, ample parking spaces, bank ATMs, internet access, restaurants and shopping stores.

You can meet your eating and drinking needs at Upper Crust and O’ Learys that serve between 4:30 am and 9 pm, as well as you can do shopping by buying the products such as souvenirs, cosmetics, perfumes and traditional handicrafts.

There are various transportation alternatives that you can prefer to easily reach the Sandefjord Torp Airport, which is in Sandefjord region that is located 7 kilometers away from Oslo city center. These alternatives include the options such as taxi, train, bus and car rental. In addition, you can also reach the airport by your car.


You can easily reach Sandefjord Airport by taxi. You can comfortably and safely travel to the Sandefjord Airport by taking a licensed taxi from the city center. Depending on where you are, your transportation by taxi takes at least about 10 minutes, no more than 1 hour and 20 minutes.


There are a large number of buses you can take to reach Sandefjord Airport. You can easily get to the airport from Oslo by Torp Ekspressen buses and from Telemark by Telemark Ekspressen buses. In addition, it is also possible to get to the airport by Time Ekspressen and Lavrpris Ekspressen buses.


You can go to Sandefjord Airport both economically and comfortably by train they tou can get on from the city center or Torp Train Station. You won't have any difficulty going to the airport thanks to the train services arranged by NSB.

Rent a car

The most comfortable way of going to Standefjord Airport by the car you can rent from the car rental offices in the city center. Avis, Budget, Europcar, Sixt and Hertz are among the companies that you can prefer to take the advantage of this service.

Airport Information

Sandefjord Airport, which is located 110 kilometers south of Oslo, serves its passengers in civilian category both for domestic and international flights. You can take advantage of numerous services at Sandefjord Airport, which is one of the major airports in Norway, as well as you can fly from the airport to many destinations. The airport services open at 4:30 a.m. in the morning and closes at 00:30 a.m. in the midnight. The airport terminal does not offer overnight accommodation.

Wireless internet access is provided throughout the airport. In addition, the airport offers various services such as lost property office and bank ATMs as well as different places such as Narvasen Kiosk, Gastro Pub, La Baguette, Peppe’s Pizza, Cafe Opus and Mingle Bar where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. Duty free, Narvesen and Tanum are also at your service if you want to do shopping.


What is the best place to book for cheap flights? ›

The 12 Best Websites for Booking Flights at the Cheapest Prices [April 2023]
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  • Expedia.
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  • Hotwire.
  • Skyscanner.
Apr 6, 2023

What day flight fares are cheapest? ›

What day of the week are flights cheapest? According to, the cheapest tickets are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. For business travel, Mondays and Fridays are peak travel days. Choose Tuesday through Thursday instead.

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What is the cheapest time of the year to fly to Norway? ›

The best time to book flights to Norway is during the off-season months of January, February, November, and December. Flight fares are typically cheaper during these months due to fewer travelers and reduced demand for flights.

Is it cheaper to buy tickets directly from the airline? ›

If a person does go to the airport in an attempt to buy a last-minute plane ticket, they may find the ticket prices to be immensely higher than if they were to book online. Ultimately, there are no advantages to buying tickets directly at the airport.

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Best Time To Book Domestic Flights

The Expedia study found that the sweet spot is 28 to 35 days before departure while the Google study found prices bottomed out 44 days before departure. However, both studies agree that you don't want to wait until the last minute. Book at least 21 days before departure.

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