Dreams Reynolds Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress Review (2023)


Information and customer service (7 out of 7 points)

The Dreams website provides plenty of information on the different mattress options available so that you can choose what best suits your sleeping style and needs. We were able to find a good description of the Reynolds mattress, including the type of support and comfort grade, construction, and any maintenance or turning recommendations. There’s also a handy size guide online so that you can make sure your choose the right one for your bed.

Their customer service team is available to contact by phone, email or web chat if you can’t find the answer to your question in the extensive list of FAQs on the website. We found everyone we spoke to very helpful when giving information on delivery and answering any other questions.

The standard delivery service is free, and you can choose a convenient date (Monday to Saturday between 7am and 6pm) when completing your order or via the online booking system. You’ll receive an email and text on both the day before and the day of delivery to confirm an estimated time slot, and you’ll also be given the driver’s name and mobile number in case of any queries. For a fee you can select a morning or afternoon delivery on weekdays, or a Saturday delivery. The mattress will be delivered to a room of your choice.

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Providing you use a mattress protector from the start, you can take advantage of Dreams’ 40-night Sleep Guarantee. If you’re not comfortable after 30-40 nights of use, simply contact them and Dreams will exchange it for an alternative mattress in the same size. T&Cs apply – check the website for full details.

If you need to get rid of your old mattress, Dreams does offer a recycling service, priced from £50. The old mattress needs to be wrapped and sealed in a bag which will be sent out to you in advance. The mattress materials will be separated ready for recycling – for example metal springs are sent to a metal recycling plant where they’re melted down into new light iron products. Polyester padding is used by the fibre blending industry and can be used in various things, even the fillings in pet cushions! Any foam in your mattress is sent to a waste-to-energy plant for energy from waste generation, or it can be cleaned and used to make carpet underlay.

Features (2 out of 6 points)

As it’s a sprung mattress, it doesn’t compact down so it was delivered at full size and taken to our chosen room. It also has large handles, which will come into their own when you need to move or turn it. It arrived wrapped securely in a protective clear plastic, which may be recyclable, depending on the area you live in.

Dreams Reynolds Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress Review (1)

The high quality construction contains 667 pocket springs plus deep layers of fillings and a high quality soft-touch damask cover, but unlike other mattresses on test, that’s it in terms of different materials for things like regulating your temperature while sleeping.

This mattress is double-sided and does need to be turned regularly, especially to begin with. Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter.

As it has a ‘very firm’ comfort grade, it’s only really suitable for those who prefer this type of mattress – sleepers who are used to a softer grade may benefit from adding a topper. It is, however, designed to be comfortable for different sleeping positions and is available as a single, small double, standard double, king and super king to fit your bed.

Although the cover has a nice damask design and soft-touch finish, it can’t be removed for washing so Dreams recommends using a mattress protector.

Results (5 out of 6 points)

We found the mattress to be exactly as described – it gives a very firm comfort grade. The pocket sprung construction gives it a really durable feel, and the damask printed covering adds a touch of luxury, while the individually-wrapped pocket springs help to distribute weight evenly, so it works for any sleeping position, and also prevents sleepers rolling together during the night.

The mattress had a very slight ‘new mattress’ smell which was not unpleasant and dissipated very quickly.

Value for money (1.5 points out of 2)

Priced at under £450, which is more affordable than some others we tested, we feel that this high-quality design offers good value for money – although it does lack a few additional features, like a washable cover and temperature regulation layers. It also comes with a one-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Not the right mattress for you? Check out theSimba Essential Foam mattress, which we also tested as part of our search to find the best budget mattress. We’ve also tested Emma’s Original mattress and Dusk’s Cool Ge Foam 2,000 Pocket Sprung mattress, both of which are recommended for back pain.

Keep your new mattress in tip-top condition with our guide:how to clean a mattress. And if you’re looking to update your bedding too, we’ve found thebest autumn and winter bedding, thebest sustainable bedding to buy, as well as the best wayto clean and store winter bedding.

How we tested the mattresses

We put over 15 mattresses to the test, judging them on everything from customer service and packaging through to sustainability and value for money. Each mattress could achieve up to 20 points for the following criteria:

  • Information and customer service: How clear and helpful are mattress descriptions? (2 points) | What’s customer service like? (1 point) | Free delivery? (1 point) | How long is the trial period? (2 point) | Do they pick up your old mattress? (1 point)
  • Features: (0.5 points each) Manoeuvrability: how does it arrive? Will delivery men take it upstairs? Handles? | If memory foam – how long to inflate? | Sustainable packaging? | Materials – memory foam, springs, hypoallergenic, etc? | Temperature regulation materials? | Care instructions – do you need to turn it? | Caters for different sleep needs? | Removable cover for washing? | Comes in all sizes? | Specifications – depth?
  • Results: Does it live up to the description – firm/supportive etc? (2 points) | An odour when out of packaging? (1 point) | Durability? (2 points) | Sustainable material? (1 point)
  • Value for money: (2 points) Is it good quality? | What is the warranty? | Is it worth the money?


What to look for in a budget mattress?

Memory foam and all-foam mattresses tend to be among the cheaper, more affordable on the market, so if budget is tight then check these out against your sleeping requirements before you take the plunge. For budgets under £500, check out Emma’s award winning Original mattress, which combines 3 layers of foam as well as memory foam, Mattressman’s Healthopaedic mattress, which combines memory foam and pocket springs, and also Dusk’s hybrid mattress. Even on a budget you should be able to find a top solution for your best night’s sleep.

What to look for in a mattress for back pain?

If you suffer with back pain then a memory foam mattress could be the best solution for you. Its super reactive and will mould to your body’s shape and sleeping position, giving you the support exactly where you need it. Hybrid mattress that combine memory foam and pocket springs is another solution that can help to relieve any spinal discomfort. Look for a mattress that’s more firm to prevent your spine from dipping and maintaining its alignment.


If you’re a side, front, back sleeper – what type of mattress should you be looking for?

If you’re a side sleeper choose a mattress with a soft to medium comfort level, memory foam and gel foam can provide the responsive support you need for the more vulnerable pressure points around your shoulders, hips and thigh.Front sleepers are more prone to back pain, so a medium firm mattress can help support your spine. Avoid being able to sink in too far into your mattress, so opt for a hybrid of memory foam and pocket springs to ensure your weight is evenly distributed.Back sleepers need a medium to very firm mattress to ensure lower back pain is kept at bay! You should also consider your weight when choosing a mattress as a back sleeper – as a rule, the heavier you are the firmer your mattress should be. Don’t allow your spine to sink too far into the mattress as this can cause misalignment and further back pain.

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